How to keep the kids entertained during lockdown

All parents and caregivers are invited! Times are tough right now, and while the light at the end of the tunnel may appear to be out of reach at times, we will get through it together. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is practising self-isolation and social distance. But, with these ways to keep boredom at away during the COVID-19 lockdown, staying home may be just as enjoyable and useful as going out.

Enjoy the museum at home

Auckland Museum has launched Auckland Museum at Home, a free online centre full with tales, activities, movies, and puzzles for the entire family to enjoy, with new content being added on a regular basis via lockdown. Kids may play a Te Reo Mori memory game at home, participate in a backyard scientific exercise, learn how to capture light moths, and even colour in sea monsters.

Check it out here:

Write a book review

Reading is a fantastic way for kids to pass the time, and if you assign them the duty of writing a review, they will be more likely to interact with the book and enhance their reading abilities. Here are a few ideas to get them started:

  • What was the plot of the story?
  • Describe the primary characters.
  • What was your favourite part of the book?
  • What was your least favourite aspect of the book?
  • Create a drawing of your favourite section of the book.
  • Don’t forget to rate!

Spring clean your wardrobe

Spring is nearly here, and what better way to get rid of the winter lockup blues than to get the kids engaged in a major spring clean! Turn up the music and get the kids moving. It’s a fantastic approach to persuade kids to take responsibility of their possessions and repurpose items they’d forgotten about.

If you have gently used things to give that are still in good condition, we would be delighted to accept them when our stores reopen. View our op shop locations and hours of operation.

Play op shops

Keep the little ones entertained by changing up the usual shops game by getting them to play op shops! What’s the difference? Well, it’s about learning to buy second-hand instead of buying new and what the value of doing so includes, such as:

  • Reducing the amount of garments that end up in landfills each year, which has a beneficial influence on our environment; and
  • There are lots of high-quality goods available at reasonable costs! Clothes and items that have only been worn or used once or twice deserve to find a new home with someone who will cherish them.
  • Op stores serve as community gathering places! When individuals drop off donations, they may go to a safe place to talk with someone who wants to listen.
  • Shopping at op shops gives essential money that help the community and strive to reduce poverty.

Regrow the food from your fridge

Do you find yourself purchasing the same vegetables week after week? Why not plant a fresh bunch of carrots instead of tossing away the ends of your carrot bunches? Allow the youngsters to experience the wonder of propagation by allowing them to regenerate veggies from kitchen scraps. From potatoes to carrots, cabbage to spring onions, all you need is a sunny window sill, some jars, pots, and soil to get started.

Each day, the youngsters will enjoy checking in to see how their plant babies are doing!

Play indoor hopscotch

Just because the playground is restricted doesn’t mean the enjoyment has to be limited to the outside. Draw out a hopscotch course for the youngsters in a cleared space using tape. After you’ve created and numbered all of the boxes, give the youngsters a small beanbag, hacky sack, or wheat bag to use in place of a pebble. This classic game is not only fantastic for improving balance, jumping abilities, and number identification, but it will also let them get some of that boundless energy out!