About Us

Welcome to Papatoetoe Central Main Street Society and the Old Papatoetoe Business Improvement District (BID).

The Business Improvement District (BID) exists to develop local business improvement and economic development based on the Auckland Council targeted rate for core funding using powers under the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

The Town Centre Manager is employed by the Committee of the Papatoetoe Central Main Street Society to implement the economic and strategic plans developed by the BID.

The Papatoetoe Central Main Street Society works in partnership with various community and council based forums, liaises with organisations and businesses in opportunities that will promote economic development and support the Old Papatoetoe Town Centre and local Community to offer a diverse shopping experience in a safe and secure environment.

The Papatoetoe Central Main Street Society works alongside the Otara Papatoetoe Local board to provide successful community events throughout the year. It also provides an environment of collaboration and partnership where there is potential overlap between the Local Community and the Old Papatoetoe Town Centre activities. This enables the Old Papatoetoe Town Centre and Local community to benefit collectively and ultimately provide more opportunities for the Community of Old Papatoetoe.

The Papatoetoe Central Main Street Society engages with the Otara Papatoetoe Local Board, Auckland Council and other BIDs to provide feedback to the Auckland Councils Annual and Long Term Planning Process informing them of local issues and feedback from the businesses in the Old Papatoetoe Town Centre. We also carry out projects such as Old Papatoetoe Town Centre Tidy-Ups, Graffiti reporting, and seasonal promotional competitions collaboratively with Auckland Council and the Old Papatoetoe Community. There is a large amount of advocacy in regard to bylaw changes with our Local Board advocating in the best interests of the town centre.

The Papatoetoe Central Main Street Society is proud to represent the Retailers and Landlords in the Old Papatoetoe Business Improvement District for Advocacy, Events, Promotions, Town Centre Clean-Ups, Networking Opportunities, CCTV and Safety, Auckland Council/ Local Board Relations, the Town Centre Ambassador Teams and so much more.
Our main objectives are to –

  1. Placemaking: In partnership with the Local Board, Auckland Council and CCO’s
  2. Business to Business Event and Networking: Business Owners forums, workshops, business training and business development events, and providing tools for members to leverage events.
  3. Business attraction programmes: Targeted at key tenants or sectors the proposition would attract or would add value to the areas existing Tenant Mix, Vitality and Viability.
  4. Marketing and Promotion: including:
    Online presence and directories
    Targeted Promotions
    Events aimed at generating new or increased businesses for Members
    Brand Development – place based and business association and related businesses, investment and Tenant direction programmes.
  5. Strategic Vision (and planning): For the services to members and responding to the city’s growth and economic development opportunities.
  6. Stakeholder and Partnership Development: with the Local Board and other Business groups
  7. Advocacy: co-ordinating submissions to central and local government plans, policies and initiatives
  8. Safety: crime prevention initiatives and fighting negative images and perception of crime (linked to promotion)
  9. Governance: ensuring continued excellence in governance and management of the business association and the BID programme.